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Determining a setting for Cost threshold for parallelism

The cost threshold for parallelism option specifies the threshold at which SQL Server creates and runs parallel plans for queries. SQL Server creates and runs a parallel plan for a query only when the estimated cost to run a serial plan

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Finding Implicit Column Conversions in the Plan Cache

I’m just sharing with you guys a script to find all implicit data type conversions associated with mismatched data types in a specific database. It’s pretty handy when you are either developing or coding reviewing. More details here:

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Estimated time of Backup / Restore [SQL Server]

Sometimes you will want to know how is the backup progress before a critical change of your environment or during the restore before setting a new high availability strategy. This script can help you to figure out.

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Easy script to notify failed jobs [SQL Server]

The script provided below is a easy way to add notification for all failed jobs. Requirements: 1- DatabaseMail Enabled 2- Enable DatabaseMail on the SQL Server Agent ; properties ; Alert System

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