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Alwayson Availability Group Replica is Not Synchronizing (Error: 976, Severity: 14, State: 1.)

For some reason you can lose communication between the primary and secondary replicas. As known, there is a policy on SQL Server to check the data synchronization state of the database replica. The policy is in an unhealthy state when the

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Introducing Cloud Witness – [SQL Server]

We know that when we create a Cluster environment between two sites, we must take care about Quorum Witness. If you need automatic failover SLA in your company, the best way is to separate the (Quorum) FileShare Quitness at a

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How to monitor Timeout and Changes Roles from Availability Groups with Alerts

Agent alert can send alerts by email when occur some action/timeout between databases in your Availability Group Environment. It allows you to become proactive. The following script shows how to create these alerts. You can also configure to execute another

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High Availability and Disaster Recover – Syncronize logins [SQL Server]

Often I connect in new environments and I see solutions of High Availability and Disaster Recovery. But just the simple solution is sufficient for your applications? I’m saying that because in many cases a just simple detail is forgotten. Many

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