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How to list all objects and indexes [SQL Server]

Today I had to list which objects belongs to which filegroup. It’s a simple and useful script that you can take from system catalogues: sys.filegroups, sys.indexes, sys.database_files and sys.data_spaces. Take a look this sample In the next post I’m going to share

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Repository of White Papers – SQL Server

Like a good reader, I highly recommend that you read these white papers. These links contain much more knowledge that I can provide here. That’s it! Have fun.

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Lookup All File Sizes, Status, and FileName for all Databases

This script can help you find some details in all databases.

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How do I find a value anywhere in a SQL Server Database

The query below will search all fields in all tables for a specific value. Enjoy it!

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High Availability and Disaster Recover – Syncronize logins [SQL Server]

Often I connect in new environments and I see solutions of High Availability and Disaster Recovery. But just the simple solution is sufficient for your applications? I’m saying that because in many cases a just simple detail is forgotten. Many

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Estimated time of Backup / Restore [SQL Server]

Sometimes you will want to know how is the backup progress before a critical change of your environment or during the restore before setting a new high availability strategy. This script can help you to figure out.

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How to identify the last objects created or modified in all databases

The script provided below, shows every modified and created events in the last 7 days.

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