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Alert – Databases do not have Transaction log backups

The SP below sends alert when there are no transaction log backups in the last 90 minutes.

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How to monitor Timeout and Changes Roles from Availability Groups with Alerts

Agent alert can send alerts by email when occur some action/timeout between databases in your Availability Group Environment. It allows you to become proactive. The following script shows how to create these alerts. You can also configure to execute another

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How to Monitor AlwaysON – Primary / Secondary Replicas on SQL Server

Last month I developed a procedure to run in a SQL Server Agent Job, to monitor the synchronism status of the AlwaysOn Availability Groups. In case of “NO HEALTHY” status, the SP will send an email providing details of every

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Easy script to notify failed jobs [SQL Server]

The script provided below is a easy way to add notification for all failed jobs. Requirements: 1- DatabaseMail Enabled 2- Enable DatabaseMail on the SQL Server Agent ; properties ; Alert System

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