How to list all objects and indexes [SQL Server]

Today I had to list which objects belongs to which filegroup.
It’s a simple and useful script that you can take from system catalogues: sys.filegroups, sys.indexes, sys.database_files and sys.data_spaces.

SELECT Object_name(i.[object_id]) AS [ObjectName],
       i.[index_id]               AS [IndexID],
       i.[name]                   AS [IndexName],
       i.[type_desc]              AS [IndexType],
       f.[name]                   AS [FileGroup],
       d.[physical_name]          AS [DatabaseFileName]
FROM   [sys].[indexes] i
       LEFT JOIN sys.partition_schemes pf
              ON pf.[data_space_id] = i.[data_space_id]
       LEFT JOIN [sys].[filegroups] f
              ON f.[data_space_id] = i.[data_space_id]
       LEFT JOIN [sys].[database_files] d
              ON f.[data_space_id] = d.[data_space_id]
       LEFT JOIN [sys].[data_spaces] s
              ON f.[data_space_id] = s.[data_space_id]
WHERE  Objectproperty(i.[object_id], 'IsUserTable') = 1
ORDER  BY Object_name(i.[object_id]),

Take a look this sample


In the next post I’m going to share How Move Index to other FileGroup.


Danilo Braga is a Database Administrator with over nine years of experience. He is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Database Administrator and Developer. His experience includes solutions for management, assessment and implementation of SQL Server environments making use of best practices, performance tuning, and high availability.

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