All 2012 Insider videos

There are a lot of useful videos in the link below about SQL Server 2012.

Here are the details:
– Troubleshooting common VM issues
– Lecture video on indexing strategies from the MCM series
– Using the free PAL tool
– PerfMon tips and tricks
– Using the free SQL Nexus tool
– Using the free Plan Explorer tool
– Lecture video on snapshot isolation from the MCM series
– Using the 2012 Extended Events SSMS UI
– Using the free Process Explorer tool to diagnose CPU usage
– Using wait statistics demo from the MCM series
– Using the SSMS Tools Pack
– Using semantic search
– Using Distributed Replay (part 1)
– Using Distributed Replay (part 2)
– Using Distributed Replay (part 3)
– DBCC CHECKDB and rolled-back transactions
– RECOVERY, NORECOVERY, and STANDBY restore options from the MCM series
– SQL Agent cluster failover
– Cardinality estimation issues
– Setting PerfMon default counters
– EXECUTE AS and SQL injection from the MCM series
– Regaining instance access without the sysadmin role
– Regaining instance access without downtime
– Using Windows Server 2012 Task Manager
– Indexing strategies from the MCM series


Danilo Braga is a Database Administrator with over nine years of experience. He is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Database Administrator and Developer. His experience includes solutions for management, assessment and implementation of SQL Server environments making use of best practices, performance tuning, and high availability.

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